The most exciting experience is moving to a new home, and more importantly, moving to a new office. This is a new stage in life because you will get along with new neighbors and new places. People who move to a new home, a new office, or transport equipment from one place to another often ask where they can find a truck with a driver to assist in the transportation process involving movement. House Mover Singapore is responsible for managing the transfer of home furnishings and office equipment. They have trucks and trucks that are most suitable for transportation when relocating to a new place, and the trucks are accompanied by a company driver.

Singapore House Mover is a service company that can facilitate relocation to new areas and ensure facility safety when traveling. They have professional surveyors who are equipped and educated with special skills to assist in decision-making during the relocation process. On the other hand, the employees of Singapore House Mover are very knowledgeable, and the most important thing is that they work hard and are very polite and very careful when handling the goods and equipment being moved. Singapore moving companies tend to provide various moving services, such as moving pianos, moving safes, and even various organs. Some things to consider when transporting goods from one place to another with the help of a moving company like Singapore Moving Company.

Packaging and disposal

Some family members will carefully pack and organize all furniture to avoid unlikely damage. In most cases, household items, furniture, and all electrical appliances are packaged by professionals, and will eventually be disposed of.

If the goods are packaged by the owner (also known as PBO), the company will not take any responsibility. Only if the company provides professionals to pack, load and remove the goods from the truck, they will insure the goods. The person packing the goods must mark his name on the packed goods and equipment so that the company knows who is responsible in the event of damage.


Once each item is packaged and locked in a truck, truck or container, they are taken care of by the driver and the person accompanying the driver. Fragile items should be handled with care, and drivers should not drive rough. Wooden boxes are often used to transport heavy objects, large objects and foreign objects. Moving old furniture in and out of the house is usually a big challenge because the body must have weaker parts.


The cost of moving is determined by the weight of the goods. In other cases, it is determined by the distance between the moving locations. The price of heavy goods is higher than that of light goods, and the farther the distance is, the higher the price. But sometimes the cost is provided at a fixed price, which does not take into account the distance or weight of the goods being moved.

Service Provided

Singapore House Mover provides drivers for trucks or lorry. They also provide trucks and lorry on-site transportation services upon request. They have a skilled workforce to meet demand customer. The services provided by these mover companies are relatively cheap because customers do not have to do these tasks. It is important to consider what the company will provide you, because other moving companies will let customers load and unload. The company is obliged to arrange and arrange the transfer in advance.

This gives you the best opportunity to prepare before the actual move. In Singapore House Mover, the packaging of household appliances is different from the packaging of office supplies. Compared with moving from the place of residence, office supplies can be too difficult and tiring, and require heavy work. In order to move smoothly and safely from the house or office, use the original box to prevent possible damage and accidental damage. The boxes, ropes and crates used during the move are recycled for further use by the moving company.